Balancing Priority and Patience

How do you balance priority with patience? It’s not a simple feat, but boy, is it essential for your growth and sanity.

Priority screams, “Do it now!” It’s all about making the biggest impact, right? It urges you to find those tasks that’ll move the needle for your business. But on the flip side, there’s patience. It whispers, “Good things take time.” And it’s spot on. So how do you balance these seemingly opposing forces? Spoiler alert: You can and should do both.

Let’s start with priority. Imagine you’re juggling. You’ve got customers, products, and maybe even a life outside of work (just maybe…). Not all balls in the air are created equal. Some are rubber; others are glass. Drop a rubber ball, it bounces back. Drop a glass ball, and you’ve got a mess. Your job? Know which is which. That’s where the Eisenhower urgent-important matrix comes in handy. Urgent and important tasks get your immediate focus. Non-urgent but important tasks? They’re your long-term goals. Identify them, and align your actions accordingly.

Feeling spread too thin? You’re not alone. But here’s a quick hack: narrow your focus. Pick the one or two tasks that’ll drive your business forward the most. That’s your 20% that’ll yield 80% of your results, courtesy of the Pareto Principle.

Once you’ve got your priorities in line, it’s time to introduce patience. Look, running a business isn’t a sprint; it’s more of a marathon that includes a few sprints. We often crave quick results, but the best outcomes usually need time to brew. You might have to be patient when building your brand, culture, or customer base. Push too hard, and you risk burnout, for you and your team.

Here’s a quick exercise. List your big goals for the next one, three, and five years. Then, jot down what you can do this week, this month, this quarter to inch closer to those goals. It’s about keeping the end in sight while taking actionable steps right now.

So, there you have it. Priority and patience are two sides of the same coin. You need both to move from being an operator to an owner. The trick is to figure out when to sprint and when to go the distance. If this got your wheels turning, feel free to dive deeper into this topic by listening to the full episode of the Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast.

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Until next time, aim for the right balance, and let’s keep simplifying entrepreneurship.

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