Align for Business Success

Imagine you’re at the helm of your business ship, navigating through the vast ocean of entrepreneurship. Your crew is your team, and the success of your voyage largely depends on how well you utilize their strengths. This is where the concept of alignment, as discussed in the latest episode of the Business Owner Breakthrough podcast, becomes your compass.

In our journey as entrepreneurs, understanding and leveraging the unique strengths of our team members can significantly boost productivity. The Kolbe system, a focal point of our discussion, provides a framework for this by matching individuals’ innate talents with job requirements. It’s like fitting puzzle pieces together; when done right, the picture of your business becomes clearer and more complete.

The process starts with the Kolbe A index, which sheds light on each person’s natural strengths. From there, we move to the B and C indexes, which offer insights into how individuals perceive their roles and how their supervisors view those roles, respectively. This multi-layered approach enables a comprehensive understanding of where a person fits best within your organization, ensuring they’re in the right seat on your accountability chart.

Consider Jimmy Gregory, a VP of sales we discussed. His Kolbe B index revealed a perception of his job that significantly differed from his natural action mode (Kolbe A). This misalignment indicated potential stress points, highlighting the importance of aligning job roles with innate abilities to minimize stress and maximize effectiveness.

By analyzing the A, B, and C indexes side by side, we uncover gaps and opportunities for adjustment. This not only aids in personal development but also enhances team dynamics, leading to a more efficient and harmonious work environment. It’s about crafting a role that complements an individual’s strengths while also meeting the business’s needs.

The beauty of the Kolbe system lies in its ability to facilitate better communication and understanding within teams. It acts as a guide for minimizing stress and optimizing performance, paving the way for a more engaged and productive workforce. When we align our team’s abilities with the right roles, we unlock the potential for growth and success, both for our employees and our business as a whole.

So, what can you do to start this alignment process? It begins with openness to understanding and appreciating the diverse strengths within your team. From there, employing tools like the Kolbe system can provide the insights needed to make informed decisions about role alignment.

If the idea of transforming your team’s dynamics and boosting productivity resonates with you, diving deeper into the Kolbe system might just be the next step. For a more in-depth exploration of these concepts, tune into the Business Owner Breakthrough podcast, where we unpack the intricacies of aligning your team’s strengths with your business’s needs. 

If you’re ready to dive and get rolling with Kolbe in your organization, I’m a Certified Kolbe Coach and would love to have a chat with you. Simply go to and book a time and we’ll chat.

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