The #1 Way to Set Your Brand Apart

In this episode, Pete Mohr and Mary Henderson discuss the importance of personal branding. There are countless brands to compete with in your industry: this episode will teach you how to build your brand as a reflection of your personal values. Once you do this, you can start to successfully position your business as the go-to brand in your category. 

Here are a few things we cover:

  • Injecting your individuality into your entrepreneurship
  • Why personal branding is not about fame
  • Why a small business should not always niche down
  • Taking strategic advantage of your unique knowledge and skills
  • Lead generation, attracting your target audience, and increasing organic traffic

Notable passages:

What is personal branding and why is it important

Why niching down isn’t always the answer

Knowing your true “currency” as a business owner

Using a “pull” strategy instead of pushing your brand onto people

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