Shifting Gears: Operator to Owner

As business owners, we often find ourselves so deep in the trenches of daily operations that our personal lives become an afterthought. Sound familiar? Well, I’ve been there too. But here’s the truth: achieving the right harmony between work and personal life is crucial, not just for your well-being, but for the success of your business too.

Remember, you can’t build a healthy business on an unhealthy foundation.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the word “balance”. It implies equal distribution, and let’s face it, life isn’t always 50-50. There will be seasons where work takes precedence, and that’s okay. As business owners, it’s par for the course to have crazy busy periods. But if it’s a constant, week in, week out, we have a problem.

If you’re constantly feeling overworked, overwhelmed, not just during your peak seasons, then it’s time for a change. We didn’t start our businesses to be slaves to them. We started them to enjoy the freedom and the lifestyle we wanted, right?

It’s time to change our habits and start trusting more in our teams. We need to start making small, consistent improvements that will lead to massive advancements for both our lives and businesses.

A few years back, I created a one-page planning system for business owners – an easy-to-use journaling system that helps you understand what you want out of your life and how to prioritize accordingly. Because ultimately, your business should be a support system for the life you want to live, not the other way around.

One of the best ways to create a work-life harmony is by setting a schedule. Put it in your calendar: that dog walk, the golf game, or that vacation. If you don’t block off the time, something else will fill it up.

To wrap up our series, let’s circle back to Law Number 3: cultivating your leadership skills. As you become a better communicator and align your accountability in your business, you’ll find yourself with more freedom, more time to do what you love, both inside and outside your business.

Remember, you want to be working in what I call your “love zone”. Hire someone to do the tasks you dislike so you can focus on what energizes you. When you love what you do, even a long day feels fulfilling and invigorating.

So, here’s my challenge to you: start working in your love zone. Start prioritizing your health, your relationships, your life. After all, you own your business; it shouldn’t own you.

Remember, I’m always here for a chat. Let’s make your business work for you, not the other way around. 

Simply click to download your copy of the 10 Laws of Moving from Owner to Operator and listen to the full episode about Law 10 here.

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