Sell Without Selling Out

In this episode, Peter Mohr and Andy Paul discuss the difference between aggressive selling and how to truly forge strong customer relationships for your business. As Andy explains, you don’t need to be overly sales-y to make sales. Promoting your business is all about having conversations. Pete and Andy go over everything from brand awareness to content marketing to how to land the final pitch.

Here are a few key things we cover:

  • Why is empathy important in sales
  • How to build trust in sales
  • Trust based sales process
  • Empathy in sales
  • Relationship selling vs traditional selling

Notable passages:

1:05 The Unethical Seller versus the Problem-Solver

4:30: The importance of empathy in selling

6:15 Knowing WHY customers should trust you

11:15 Listen first, talk second — the art of relationship-building

12:45 How to guide leads to their solution 

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