It’s Time to Protect Your Intellectual Property 

In this episode, Peter Mohr and Devin Miller talk all things Intellectual Property. Devin explains the difference between the subtypes of IP, plus when & where you would want to use each. He lays out when patents, trademarks, and copyrights can bring value to your business, and how IP can be both an asset and a defensive measure.

Here are a few things we cover

  • Protecting and promoting with IP as an entrepreneur
  • When Intellectual Property is a valuable investment
  • Regional marketplaces & local small business advice
  • Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights
  • How to Defend Inventions, Creative Content, and Branding

Notable passages:

4:00 Figuring out which type of IP benefits YOUR business

7:20 How to know when your business actually needs IP

11:15 Worldwide vs regional IP protection

15:38 Actionable steps you can take today for your IP strategy

Reference Link to Devin:


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