Pillars of Productivity

You’re swamped with tasks, right? You’re not alone. You’re probably wondering why things aren’t moving faster. The clock ticks, but your to-do list stays stubbornly long. Let’s deep-dive into productivity—a topic we recently tackled on our Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast.

What’s Real Productivity?

First off, it’s not about longer hours. Forget that. It’s about getting quality work done in the time you have. And let’s face it; you’re not the champ at every task. Accepting that is your first win. You need to optimize your operations.

The OAO Formula

Remember Ari Meisel from previous episodes of the podcast? He introduced the OAO formula: Optimize, Automate, Outsource. Before tossing more hours at a task, ask yourself:

  1. Can it be optimized? Streamline the process. Start here.
  2. Can it be automated? Use apps and software; they’ll trim down human error.
  3. Can it be outsourced? Pass it to your team or an expert.

Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan wrote a book called, “Who Not How.” You don’t need to know how to do everything—just who can do it for you.

Guard Your Focus Time

You need around 20 minutes to dive into a deep focus state. Any interruption hits the reset button on that focus time. Protect this time like a hawk. Ditch those back-to-back meetings; they’ll only scatter your focus.

Map Your Workday

Time to take out a pen and paper. Sketch out your ideal workday, covering these steps:

  1. Define your tasks. Write ’em down.
  2. Prioritize. Place important tasks in your peak hours.
  3. Allocate time blocks. Give yourself a bit more time than you think you need. It’s fine.
  4. Share your calendar. Let your team know your schedule.

To better understand your peak hours, check out Ari’s app called Peak Time. You might learn something new about your most productive hours of the day!

Advanced Tips

Don’t drown in a sea of productivity apps. Pick a few that resonate with your team and your business goals. I love Trello for project management. Maybe you prefer Slack for communication. Just remember, delegation is a sign of a wise leader, things need to be Searchable, Understandable, Repeatable, Executable (S.U.R.E).

Think about it—if your hourly rate is $100, why are you doing a $20 task? Delegate it. That’s real leadership.

Alright, you’ve got the tools. Now, go own your productivity.

For a deeper dive, listen to our recent episode on the Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast.

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