From Busy to Productive


In this episode, Pete Mohr delves into the ever-elusive topic of productivity. It’s not about cramming more hours into your day; it’s about making those hours count. Discover why the solution to your constant busyness isn’t more time—it’s more strategy. You’re about to find out how you can work smarter, not just harder.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • What productivity truly means for business leaders
  • The three-step “O.A.O” formula for streamlining operations
  • The concept of “Who, Not How” in productivity
  • The importance of focus time and how to achieve it
  • Tools that can automate your tasks and save hours

It’s time to take action:

Stop multitasking and start time-blocking. Identify your peak productivity hours using Ari’s “Peak Time” app, and schedule your most important tasks during those periods. Your next move? Delegate tasks that don’t require your specific expertise. Let go to grow.

Download Link: If you found this episode useful, don’t forget to download Ari’s “Peak Time” app available on Apple and Google Play.

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