Mastering Critical Thinking

Hey there, business owners! Pete Mohr here from Simplifying Entrepreneurship. If you’ve been feeling more like an operator than an owner lately, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s crucial for any entrepreneur: critical thinking. This episode is a must-listen, so make sure to check out the Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast.

What Just Happened?

Life throws curveballs, right? Whether it’s a key employee leaving or a sudden change in your business environment, stuff happens. The first step in dealing with it is to name it. Say it out loud. “George is leaving.” Acknowledging the situation helps you start to process it.

So What?

Next, figure out if the situation is within your control or not. Then, gather all the data you can. What are the implications for your business? Here’s where the 5P framework comes in handy: Promise, Product, Process, People, and Profit. Assess how the situation impacts each of these areas. Sometimes, a seemingly bad situation can have a silver lining.

Then What?

Now comes the game-changer: action. What are you going to do about it? This is where the CPA framework shines: Communication, Process, and Accountability. Lay out your action plans, communicate them clearly, and assign responsibilities. Trust me, having a framework makes navigating through crises a whole lot smoother.

The Power of Frameworks

I’ve been through my share of business hiccups. From a general manager leaving right before a family vacation to an employee flipping a service vehicle, I’ve seen it all. But having frameworks like the 5Ps and CPA has made these situations manageable, even easy to navigate.

Your Turn

You’re the captain of your ship. When you have the right frameworks and critical thinking skills, you can steer through any storm. So, if you’re tired of feeling swamped and want to move from details to dashboard, reach out. Let’s have a chat at

Critical decisions are going to come at you as a business owner. Keep pushing those boundaries and breaking through those barriers. Now go and make it a great day!

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