A Tool for Crisis Control

In today’s episode, Pete Mohr dives deep into the art of critical thinking for business owners. If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by unexpected challenges, Pete offers a simple framework to help you navigate through the storm. It’s not just about identifying the problem; it’s about understanding its impact and taking actionable steps.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • The roots of critical thinking in healthcare and its application in business.
  • The “What, So What, Then What” framework for tackling unexpected challenges.
  • How to assess the impact of a situation on your business using the 5P framework.
  • The importance of CPA (Communication, Process, Accountability) in crisis management.
  • Real-life examples, including how to handle key personnel leaving your organization.

It’s time to take action:

After listening to this episode, your first step is to identify a recent challenge in your business. Apply the “What, So What, Then What” framework to it. Evaluate its impact on your 5Ps and set up a CPA plan to tackle it.

For more insights and actionable steps, visit speaktopete.com.

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