Don’t Trust Ideas, Test Them!

Alex Sanfilippo is the founder of PodPros a SAAS company that includes PodMatch and PocastSOP which are tools to help podcasters connect and be more efficient.

I am a big fan of PodMatch as it was the primary tool that I used to help me connect with show hosts and be on over 45 podcasts in a four-month block.

We had a great conversation about entrepreneurial creativity and why those brainstorming sessions are so crucial to business success. Also, you can’t stop your brain from making ideas — nor should you want to! So, you need a productive way to capture and process them. Alex has some great tactics for that.

You can find the resources and access to Alex on his website at

If you’re interested in looking into his ‘dating service for connecting podcast guests and hosts’  just head over to PodMatch and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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