Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

Hey there! Let’s talk about something that can seriously change the game for you and your team: the Kolbe A assessment. In the latest episode of the Business Owner Breakthrough podcast, we dove deep into this tool, but let me break it down for you here in a way that’s easy to grasp and apply.

Identifying Innate Strengths
The Kolbe A assessment is all about understanding how you and your team members naturally take action. This isn’t about your skills or experiences; it’s about your instinctive way of doing things. And the best part? It’s always positive, focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

The Four Modes of Operation
The assessment identifies four key areas: Fact Finder, Follow Through, Quick Start, and Implementer. Each of us has unique scores in these areas that shape how we tackle tasks and make decisions.

  1. Fact Finder: This is all about how you gather and share information. Do you need a lot of details to make a decision, or just a few?
  2. Follow Through: This measures how you organize and design your work. Are you more about adapting or sticking to a system?
  3. Quick Start: This one’s about how you handle risk and uncertainty. Are you a risk-taker or do you prefer stability?
  4. Implementer: This shows how you deal with physical space and tangibles. Are you more of a hands-on person, or do you prefer conceptualizing?

Applying Kolbe A in Your Business
Understanding these scores can revolutionize the way you and your team work. For instance, if you’re a high Quick Start like me, you’re brimming with ideas. Pairing up with a high Implementer can bring those ideas to life.

Knowing your team’s scores helps in assigning tasks that align with their natural strengths. It improves communication, decision-making, and overall efficiency. Think about it – when everyone is working in their zone of genius, your business just flows better.

Not Just for Leaders
This isn’t just a tool for the bosses. Your team members will appreciate this investment in understanding them. It makes them feel valued and helps them work in ways that feel most natural to them.

Merging Kolbe A with Other Assessments
Remember, Kolbe A is just one piece of the puzzle. It pairs well with other assessments like Strength Finders or MBTI. Combining these tools gives you a fuller picture of your team’s capabilities and preferences.

Take the First Step
If you’re intrigued, the first step is to take the assessment yourself. It’s simple, affordable, and the insights are invaluable. Once you understand your own mode of operation, you can start applying this knowledge to your team.

Next Steps
In the podcast, I talked about how to use these insights for team management and project management, and that’s something we’ll explore more in our series. But for now, start by understanding your own Kolbe A profile and those of your team members.

Want to Dig Deeper?
If this has sparked your interest, I encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode. It’s packed with insights and real-world applications of the Kolbe system. Just head over to Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast to get the full scoop. Or, as a Certified Kolbe Coach, I can help you get started. Simply reach out to me at SpeaktoPete.com

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