Transforming Meetings: Positivity’s Power

What if your meetings could be a source of inspiration, creativity, and collaboration rather than a dreaded part of your workday? In this episode of the Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast, Pete Mohr reveals the key to transforming your meetings – and your business as a whole – with a strategy called “The Power of Positive Meetings.” This concept is a result of years of personal experience and scientific research demonstrating the significant impact of positivity on the brain’s receptiveness and flexibility.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • The historical context of meetings and their evolving purpose.
  • The psychological study underpinning the benefits of starting meetings with good news.
  • How positivity in communication can create a nurturing culture for ideas to bloom.
  • The ripple effect of positivity from meetings to overall job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Concrete steps to integrate positivity in your meetings, including gratitude rounds, sharing personal good news, and highlighting achievements.

It’s time to take action:
Start integrating a good news agenda in your next meeting. Kick off with gratitude rounds, acknowledge achievements, and promote personal stories. Not only will these strategies shift the meeting’s atmosphere, but they will also ripple into the day-to-day operations, transforming your company culture. Remember, change is a process, so persistence is key. To aid in this process, visit to download your guide “5 Easy Ways to Implement a Good News Agenda in Your Workplace.”

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