Tools for Goal Setting Success!

This is the final episode of a four-part Mini-Series all around how you can set your business and life up to create your best year ever! Today is all around taking what you’ve learned from the first 3 episodes and making those goals and plans become reality!

If you missed Episodes 1,2, and 3 you may want to head back and give it a listen before jumping into this one, but it’s not absolutely necessary!

Here are a few things I cover on today’s podcast:

  • Goals must be specific and time-bound
  • The 1Page PROP tool helps you create clarity
  • How the Wheel of Momentum can help you see your gaps and what you need to do to move the goal ahead
  • The Project Planner tool is a nice simple way of laying out your plan

Here are a few links that I mentioned in the podcast today:

Tools to use or download:  

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