The Importance of “Process” in your Business Model

Entrepreneurs that have been in the business world for more than a minute will tell you that there is more to running a successful company than just trying to make money. Some nuances go deeper than this singular goal. You have to have a plan, a strategy to keep the wheels turning smoothly.

This is commonly referred to as the “process”. It is the guiding map to get from opening your doors to franchising, to becoming a brand powerhouse. It sits in the middle of the 5 P’s and carries a lot of the responsibility for your business’s success.

For clarity, the 5 P’s are promise, product, process, people, and profit.

What Process Does
When drawing out your road map, the process is put in place to help you evaluate and simplify all those daily struggles to make your work as low-stress as possible. It prevents that feeling of being overwhelmed and offers a place to return to when you feel off track.

A lot of business owners “wing it.” There is an old saying that fits into this concept of the process very well: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Persons who think they have a handle on business without creating a strategy, plan to fail without knowing it. The end is written before they even begin.

To know where you are going, you need a direction, contingencies in place if that direction is blocked, and scenarios run and rerun to ensure this path will work effectively and efficiently. Having a viable process is how you accomplish it.

Sharing The Process
So, you have your process, it is locked in, but it is only in your mind. You are in charge and only you should know where your business is heading, right? Wrong. Because you are not the only person involved.

Your staff is part of the narrative. And while a general can lead their troops without giving away the entire plan, you cannot. Your staff will follow you and be a beacon for your brand, but they still need directions to march.

Sharing your process will unify all persons in your business sphere, including HR who hires and fires your staff, bookkeepers, and even your suppliers. The knowledge must be spread around to create a collective goal, with everyone driving the business in the right direction.

What if you are called away for a few days or longer? With everyone onboard with the process, your business will run like a Swiss watch because they know how to keep the gears turning, even if you aren’t there to run the show. The process is in charge.

Keeping Your Promise
You read that correctly. The title says “promise. And that is because the process ultimately becomes a promise to your customers and employees.

For the customers, it is a promise that your business will be steadfast in its design, ready to tend to their needs with the utmost ability. That you have everything in place to make their experience as enjoyable as it is predictable. Despite popular belief, customers do not like change.

For the employees, it lets them know that you know what you are doing and have plans just in case something goes wrong. That is why running the scenarios during your planning stages is crucial to success.

From the lowest-level person in your business world to the most cherished loyal customer, everyone can feel confident and safe knowing that you are the captain of your ship and control how the winds blow your company toward its most successful outcome.

Setting Expectations Aligned with Your Process
It is said that successful people set achievable goals. They also surround themselves with people who can assist in reaching these goals. And no one’s contribution is unimportant in respect of the purpose.

Anyone who works for you is part of your business destiny and needs to know how critical the process is for the future of your business. They need to feel appreciated for their contribution and show that they matter, even if what they do is small.

From how you open your business for the day to how the janitorial staff cleans it overnight, every person is a member of your team, and they deserve to know where their coach is leading them. They need to know that you will give them the tools to be victorious.

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