The difference between management and leadership

In this episode, Peter Mohr and Mark Herschberg compare and contrast leadership and management. A successful entrepreneur should understand the difference between the two, but practice the best parts of both. Listen in to learn strategies for improving the way you motivate your team.

Here are a few things we cover:

  • Day to day management VS ‘big picture’ inspiration through leadership
  • Influential leadership VS positional leadership
  • Why authority figures should motivate instead of commanding
  • How leaders set company culture
  • Encouraging leadership within your team and learning from each member

Notable passages:

 0:46 Seeking to define leadership, differentiate it from management, and find a balance

3:10 Why simply having a position of authority doesn’t make a leader

7:15 The importance of communication and the power of listening, how extroverts and introverts can lead

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