The 5 Ps of Podcasting

One of the most powerful tools I utilize in my business life is podcasting. 

I sat down with my podcast producer, Marc Ronick of iRonick Media, to discuss why podcasts can bring so much value to both you and your clients. We touch on how to create a winning podcast that brings you joy, works for you, and gets you closer to your business goals. 

If you’ve been considering starting your own podcast, this is the perfect conversation for you. 

Key Takeaways

3:10  Build authority & increase awareness by showing your personality through podcasting

5:20 Podcasts are endless treasure troves of content gems you can repurpose

8:45 You own your podcast, it doesn’t own you 

10:00 Apply the 5 P’s of business to podcasting—promise, product, process, people, and profit

10:15 Pay attention to the struggles your clients have and use your podcast to address them

14:55 Map out, automate, and organize your process for a streamlined, consistent system

17:40 Niche down your audience and determine exactly who you’re talking to

19:54 “Do the stuff that you love to do, and don’t do the stuff that you don’t love to do”

20:04 Make sure you’re profiting from your podcast in the ways that are important to you 

24:50 “Podcasting is a way to get your message out, in your language, in your tone.”

Marc has a fantastic Instagram Page catering to podcasters (Kermit the frog has even appeared there) and you can learn more on his website at

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