Building The Dream Team

Veronica Romney joins Pete Mohr to discuss how to create a dream team!

Veronica Romney is a Dream Team Architect helping online entrepreneurs dial in their human resources, develop phenomenal company cultures, and profitable bottom lines. She’s a former Speaker and Trainer for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and the former Chief of Staff of mega-brand BossBabe. She’s no stranger to the stage and has been in the online marketing world

for over 13 years, having been featured in places like Forbes, Inc, Huffpost, and more. When she’s not helping her visionary clients scale to 8-figures plus, you can find her wrangling her two-man cubs in the beautiful oak trees of North Carolina.

Here are a few things we chat about:

  • Why personality assessments shouldn’t be used a THE decision-making tool when hiring (but how they can be used afterwards)
  • The importance of hiring to complement (no need for mini-mes)
  • How to align accountability and why it matters.
  • The framework around what the costs will be to add team members.

To learn more about Veronica and download her guide simply go to:

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