Preventing burnout from draining you and your business W/ Dr. Sharon Grossman 

Show Notes:

This episode features a talk between Peter Mohr and Dr. Sharon Grossman about feeling burnt out. Peter likes to say, you own your business – it shouldn’t own you. However, sometimes entrepreneurs take on too much and become so overworked and overwhelmed that it does feel like their business is draining them. Here Dr. Sharon will offer some ways to recover your energy, as well as strategies to prevent burnout from ever setting in.

Some key topics in the discussion include: 

  • Identifying why you feel burnt out
  • The importance of delegating tasks
  • Freeing yourself by finding your “zone of genius” 
  • Setting boundaries for yourself and your team
  • Taking time to recover from stress

Notable passages: 

2:56 The addiction of workaholism

4:21 Managing your resources to prevent yourself from burning out

10:15 Reframing the negative beliefs that are limiting you

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