Mastering Business Planning


In today’s episode, Pete Mohr, dives deep into the importance of planning and projections. Think of it as setting your business GPS. Too often, entrepreneurs dismiss planning as a corporate luxury. But here’s the thing: without it, you’re a ship without navigation—bound for disaster. Planning doesn’t just set your course; it adds flexibility, allowing you to adjust your sails when the wind changes.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • Why planning is essential for all businesses, big or small
  • The concept of a “clothesline” plan: a definitive start and end
  • Guiding principles your plan must include
  • How to adapt your plans to a changing market
  • Why you need both plans and projections

It’s time to take action:

After listening, your first move is to sit down and evaluate your current business plan. Is it a static document or a dynamic tool? If you’ve been sidelining planning, now is the time to course-correct. Take the first step and schedule a planning session with your team this week.

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