Learning to be resilient isn’t so hard!

When we think of that word, resiliency, it usually has positive connotations. Being resilient is a positive way of life. It is a great skill to possess. Being resilient lets us bounce back from setbacks and remain positive.

What some people define as resilience is ‘being in a constant state of calm’. When we think about resilience in those terms, it makes perfect sense. If you are a resilient person and stay calm under pressure, you will achieve a goal.

So when we think of resilience in the workplace, it needs to come from the top. Leaders and decision-makers must model resilience if they expect it from others. Resilience is a trickle-down effect. When leaders exhibit calm behaviour and aren’t in a constant state of panic, their employees will emulate this.

As an extension of this behaviour, there are some simple things leaders can encourage in a workplace to help others become more resilient. If employees are able to confidently express opinions without fear of repercussions they will feel more empowered. If leaders push their talent to try new solutions and embrace development opportunities, employees will respond positively by being more resilient.

If the environment is ‘psychologically safe’ then it is a resilient one also.

Leaders who don’t show resilience can’t expect it from their employees.

A calm and resilient leader is not only a better decision-maker but a mentally healthy one too.

As with most things in life, resilience looks different to different people. Be aware that what helps you achieve resilience might be different for someone else. When someone is struggling to demonstrate resilience, it can manifest itself differently too. For some people that mental stress can come in the form of physical problems in their bodies. For others, there may be mental health concerns.

It’s important to decide what resilience looks like to you and what negative signs you show when your ‘resilience levels’ are dropping.

A way to remain as resilient as possible in business is to live by the adage of “always either win or learn”. You never lose, you have simply learned a lesson. Losing tends to be demoralizing and chips away at resilience, so if you treat an undesired outcome as a learning experience, you’ll add to your ‘resilience levels’.

And as entrepreneurs, we know our resilience needs to be at its peak daily!

This article was written based on an interview I had with Jodi Woelkerling on the Simplifying Entrepreneurship Podcast Season 3, Episode 5.

Here’s our whole conversation on Youtube

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