Lead with Persistence

Mastering Persistence
You’re doing a lot, aren’t you? Tackling obstacles, managing people, and just trying to get through the day without pulling your hair out. It’s not easy, but what if I told you that one simple trait can make all the difference? It’s persistence. Don’t roll your eyes just yet. I know it sounds basic, but hang with me.

The CALM Formula
In a recent podcast episode, I broke down persistence into something a bit more digestible. It’s an acronym called CALM: Commitment, Adaptability, Learning, Means.

  1. Commitment: Stick to your vision even when times are tough.
  2. Adaptability: Sometimes being committed means changing your strategy.
  3. Learning: Learn from your mistakes. It’s where the most growth happens.
  4. Means: Work with what you got. Be resourceful.

A Quick Exercise
Grab a pen. No, seriously, grab a pen. Write down three challenges you’re facing right now. Got ’em? Now write a possible solution next to each. It helps, doesn’t it? Sometimes just jotting down the problem and potential fixes is all you need to start moving forward.

The Myth of Stubbornness
Let’s bust a myth while we’re at it. Stubbornness is not the same as persistence. Being stubborn means doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sound familiar? It’s also a common definition of insanity. You’re not insane, are you?

When to Pivot?
That brings us to the next big question: when should you pivot? If you’re banging your head against a wall and not making progress, maybe your effort is misplaced. Maybe you’re the bottleneck. Either upskill or delegate. Sometimes, you just have to invest in new resources. It’s a balance, and it takes wisdom to know when to stick it out and when to change gears.

The Bottom Line

Your persistence sets the tone for your entire business. It’s an important part of moving from being an operator to an owner. If you’re nodding along, let’s chat. Book a half-hour appointment with me at speaktopete.com. I promise it’ll be time well spent.

Want to dive deeper? Check out the full episode on Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast.

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