How To OVercome Limiting Beliefs

In this episode of the Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast, Peter Mohr and Heather Hanson O’Neill get real about the trap of limiting beliefs. So much of our business lives (and personal lives) comes down to mental health and mindset. Pete and Heather talk about how to observe and then overcome the negative thoughts and doubts that threaten to hold you back from your full potential. 

Here are a few things we cover:

  • How business owners can take action in the face of fear
  • Overcoming mental blocks, self-sabotage, & procrastination for entrepreneurs 
  • Practicing awareness, mindfulness, and strategic reflection 
  • Shifting your mindset to promote a healthier perspective and better leadership skills
  • Discarding expectations that come from others and do not serve your personal goals  

Notable passages:

2:05 Many entrepreneurs find themselves held back by limiting beliefs

5:46 Recognizing the blocks in all buckets of your life and working through them

7:10 3 actionable questions that will help you center yourself and your goals 

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Heather’s book:

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