Getting your LEADERSH*T together

is that the most amazing, successful, hot-shot entrepreneur could also be the worst boss in the world. Find out strategies for improving the underrated skill of leadership by listening in.

Here are a few things we cover:

  • Becoming a better leader for yourself AND others
  • Strategic management tools to increase company work ethic
  • Why business owners should conduct periodic assessments of team dynamics
  • Improving company culture by encouraging connection and community
  • Focusing on the humanity in your business relationships

Notable passages:

1:30 where the inspiration for Jake’s upcoming book LEADERSHIT came from, and why entrepreneurs should strive to become better bosses

7:14 Jake’s WIPE framework and how determining where you fall within your business hierarchy can help you enjoy healthier work environments 

12:55 a look into Jake’s boss horror stories and what he learned from them

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