Balancing Dance Floor and Balcony: Mastering the Art of Perspective in Leadership

Elevate Your Perspective: Balcony or Dance Floor?
In business and leadership, your perspective is crucial. Think of it as having two vantage points in an auditorium. Down on the dance floor, you’re in the trenches, focused on every detail—from staffing to customer interactions. It’s your microscopic view of things, and it’s essential. But what about the balcony?

From the balcony, you see the bigger picture. Here, you’re concerned with long-term plans, maybe considering digital transformation or new expansion routes. It’s your telescopic view of things. Both perspectives are critical, and the key to effective leadership is toggling between the two. Because if you’re stuck in one, you miss out on the other.

The Dance Floor Experience
Take a moment to jot down three to five priorities you’re managing on the dance floor of your business. Are you focused on product quality? Maybe you’re deeply engaged in service interactions. These are essential, but they are just one part of the story. If something like COVID-19 comes along, a dance floor perspective alone won’t cut it.

From the Balcony
Now jot down three to five priorities from your balcony perspective. Are you thinking of expanding your business? Maybe considering a new CRM system? Balancing both perspectives can open up new avenues, as it did for us at Shoetopia when the pandemic hit. Our focus had to shift, and because we had a balcony view, we pivoted successfully to online sales.

Team Perspective
Understanding your team’s perspective is vital too. Know what motivates them. This isn’t just about you; it’s about collective leadership. So, include them in conversations, understand their immediate concerns as well as their long-term visions.

Practical Tips

  1. Time-block a portion of your week to consider your business from the balcony.
  2. Conduct annual reviews, not just for sales but for market trends and consumer behavior.
  3. Listen to your customers. Their perspective can offer valuable insights.

To cultivate these different perspectives, schedule time to step back and evaluate. Seek advice from mentors, industry peers, and customers. Keep learning—read reports, attend webinars, consult experts.

If you find it hard to shift your focus from the dance floor to the balcony, help is available. Schedule an appointment with me at A balanced perspective is not a luxury; it’s a necessity in leadership.

To dive deeper into this topic, listen to the full episode of the Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast.

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