Your Biggest Social Media Mistakes

In this episode, Peter Mohr and Shaily Hakimian discuss social media strategy. If you’re posting content that is pretty but doesn’t provide much value, you’re missing out on so much opportunity. Find out how to attract new customers, keep your current client base engaged, and provide value to your entire audience by practicing a few key social media strategies.

Here are a few things we cover:

  • How business owners can help their social media managers make powerful content
  • How ‘people skills’ like showing gratitude to your customers keeps them engaged
  • Communicating/networking via video or audio VS text
  • Analyzing your online presence to identify opportunities to connect with your audience
  • Why consistency is key for social media strategies

Notable passages:

2:18 having the right information ready for the people who are interested in your brand so you can snag their business

4:58 the power of following up to stay fresh in people’s minds

7:59 how to overcome procrastination by prioritizing your effort and identifying the opportunities you’re missing

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