The Time Freedom Point

Axel Meirhoefer joins Pete Mohr on this episode of the podcast. As a retired Air Force officer, Axel started his first company in 2005, focusing on consulting, employee skill development, and program management. These areas remain in place these days and have grown internationally. He has always had a love for education and helping people help themselves become successful. 

As a business owner, he began thinking about applying profits towards retirement, and research indicated that owning tangible assets would be the best way. It’s also the path that the government supports the most, which led him to develop a residential real estate portfolio worth about $1.5 Million. It’s still growing, and many lessons learned are now available for him to teach, coach, and mentor people.

On his journey, he has made many relationships, learned about the pitfalls of purchases, and made good and bad decisions that ultimately reached economic independence. 

Here are a few things we chat about:

  • What is your Time Freedom Point?
  • When is enough, enough?
  • The beauty of passive investments
  • What does freedom look like to you?

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