The Four Levels of Delegation

In this episode, Pete Mohr dives deep into the art of delegation, a skill that can make or break your business. Think of your business like an airplane. You can be the pilot, co-pilot, or even put it on autopilot. The key is knowing when to switch roles. Pete shares his own experiences as a shoe store owner to illustrate how delegation evolves as your business grows. If you’re stuck doing everything and want to move from detail to dashboard, this episode is your roadmap.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • The Four Levels of Delegation: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Auto-Pilot, and Handoff
  • The importance of clear processes and communication
  • The 80/20 rule in delegation
  • How to instill confidence and accountability in your team
  • The ultimate goal: Handing over the controls

It’s time to take action:

Stop micromanaging and start empowering your team. Your first step towards freedom is to evaluate where you are on the delegation journey. Are you the pilot, co-pilot, or are you ready for autopilot? Once you know, you can start to make the shift. Book a free appointment with Pete at to get personalized guidance.

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