Overcoming your fears of delegation

In this episode, Peter Mohr talks with Jamie van Cuyk, small business consultant and recruiting coach. People are your deciding factor in the success of your business — yet they can also be a huge source of headaches. A talented team is only as strong as its accountability, but if you’re reluctant to delegate tasks or invest in team collaboration, you could end up spinning your wheels. As Pete and Jamie discuss, the right people can transform your enterprise from frustrating to freeing. Even after you find your ideal team, you must know how to delegate tasks and assign responsibility in a way that best suits your business’s goals. Tune in with Pete and Jamie as they share their insights on team development, executive decision-making, and how to delegate with confidence. 


Great Resignation


Team accountability

Employee management

Business growth


Employee productivity

Entrepreneurial freedom

Bullet Points

0:58 The Great Resignation as an opportunity

1:45 Decisions as the burden on CEOs and business owners

3:19 The tension between delegation and accountability

4:30 How can control freaks let go and delegate with confidence?

9:10 Choosing the tasks to delegate

11:15 Elevating our teams to diversify and optimize our workload

14:36 The importance of project management

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