Moving, Growing, and Social Media with Crystal Vilkaitis

Social Media trainer, Crystal Vilkaitis joins me on this episode to talk about how she moved 1000 miles away from where her business has been located for the last 12 years and still had her best year ever….. (and of course, we’ll chat about social media too!)  

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from our discussion in this episode:

  • How hiring an integrator can give you your freedom
  • The importance of relationships, personal and professional
  • How to integrate water-cooler chat when you’re virtual
  • The power of video for social media content
  • Why every business should be on Tik Tok

Visit if you’re a retailer who needs help marketing your business, and check out her show Crystal Uncorked if you like listening to business and life conversations, over a glass of wine! Check out Crystal on social:  @crystalmediaco and @crystaluncorked

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