How to Scale For Success

There comes a point in every freelancer’s career where they hit a ceiling. They’ve grinded to build up a large and loyal client base, and they’re finally receiving a steady influx of work at fair rates. For a while, they’re coasting on this hard-earned success and security. But eventually, they start to wonder: is this it? One person can only take on so many projects, and so they’re forced to cap their clientele in order to avoid compromising quality. Despite all the work they’ve put in to become their own boss, they feel like they’re working harder than ever.

Every solopreneur is bound to come upon this crossroads sooner or later. What few realize is that their ladder indeed has more rungs to climb, they just can’t do it alone.

The First Step

Once you’ve built up a substantial client base by earning a reputation for top-notch work, other independent contractors will be willing to work for you. That’s because you’ll be able to provide a dependable flow of projects their way.

You’re probably thinking, ‘But how in the world can I trust someone else with my loyal clients?’

Quality control will definitely be a huge focus early on, but no need to fret. Through selective hiring, effective training, and careful management, you can give your team the blueprint to replicate your own success. However, when assigning your excess workload to these fresh members, a wise strategy is to give them only your new clients at first. That way, they can get practice without risking your reputation. Once they get into the swing of things, you’ll be able to cut supervision down to a minimum.

Production management platforms like Trello,, or Asana will be key in keeping projects organized. These tools help each team member do their part in sequence so you can stay on track and make your deadlines. This will become even more important as you begin to expand your talent pool to new domains entirely.

Covering ALL the Bases

Specializing in a certain niche can be a double-edged sword. You may be the best at what you do, but you’ll run across clients who need more services than you alone can provide.

Imagine you’re an audio editor who has proven very reliable. Your patrons wish they could entrust entire projects to your hands and get everything done in one place, but alas, they need graphic design, writing, video editing, and more! You might lose out on opportunities just because your scope isn’t broad enough.

That’s why expanding your team to include contractors of all relevant areas and skill types can be a gamechanger in making your business a one-stop shop for all a client’s project needs.

With a willingness to evolve and adapt, any limits can be surpassed. Instead of juggling multiple side hustles just to make ends meet, why not see just how much of a cash cow you can grow just by nurturing it properly?

These strategies come straight from Derrick Michaud’s firsthand experience building a six-figure business from scratch in just three years. Check out the Simplifying Entrepreneurship Podcast to hear or watch my enlightening conversation with Derrick on youtube below.

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